My name is Ehis Perfect.
I am a Cook, a Certified Masseuse and an Affiliate Marketer,
I am 23 years old.
I did not have everything going well for me, at least it didn’t start like this,
and was not like this a few months back.
I changed my life from being a frustrated online escort,
 to a comfortable and financially free young woman.

welcome to my world

“There was no short cut to any kind of permanent success , you either take the right route or keep going round in unproductive circles”

An escort is someone paid for their time most cases ends in sex.

I didn’t just make up my mind to stop, fact is I would have never stopped.
But something happened to me.

This story I am about to tell you isn’t from a book or a hearsay its my personal experience and trust me it took me a lot of thinking to decide that I was ready to share a part of this story because I feel someone somewhere might just be in the same position or even worse and might need this.


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