How I Escaped Gang Rape and Rituals.

No way!!

Trust me when I say the alcohol cleared from my eyes, and I sat up.

They looked at me and I feigned a yawn.

As if God was giving me a second chance they all moved inside to his room , possibly to talk about what they wanted to do.

Without thinking twice I carefully carried my bag and slippers and opened the door, the main gate was locked, my saving Grace was that it was a semi detached duplex with a short fence so it was very easy to jump over the fence and I started running still tipsy but I kept on running as fast as I could

I didn’t have a penny on me but I kept running till I got to where I adjusted my cloths wore my slippers and started trekking, it was dark already.

I was trekking and crying and scared, I only used to hear such things in movies and blogs online but that day I witnessed it first hand.

God had just saved me and given me a second chance, I was grateful.

A Grateful Heart

I trekked home.

It was a distance I wont even try to exaggerate or explain how long it was but I was sweating so much and crying when I got home I took a shower and I prayed to God and I slept.

All I kept on saying was God thank you , I promise never to be an escort again.

The next morning I got a text from him that read “Thank your stars, stupid ashawo (prostitute) girl, e be God wae save you Kwasia (Ghanaian language of Twi meaning FOOL)

Then I realized the gravity of what I had escaped and it was not a dream, I started crying again.

I cried back to sleep again.

It took me more than a month to get over that incident, I had finished my savings and I was broke I meant without a penny to my name I had used my last money to get noodles and airtime for data, I was FRUSTRATED.