Welcome to my World.

I was staying in Accra Ghana and I had been an escort for sometime, I was enjoying it at first because it was making me cool cash I was meeting really cool people and my bills were being paid , so I just kept on going life was sweet.

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I wasn’t making so much but I was okay.

I never expected anything could go wrong as long as I continued getting calls and I kept getting clients, it was obvious to me that without those calls I would not have a penny but I didn’t care, I wasn’t ready to do any business because to me it was just a waste of time.

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I refused all job offers I got.

who needed a business when you can easily make money like this almost daily”

Those where my exact thoughts till things became bad. No calls meant no money and no money meant no food, no new cloths and no clubbing, no cosmetic and just broke and frustrated.

At this point I was frustrated.

One very Holy Sunday I got a call in the morning ( I wasn’t going to church) this guy asked me to come over to his place, usually I take time to ask questions and do thorough findings but today I didn’t have that time o, not at all I felt the universe just wanted to bless me, I took a quick shower and rushed off quickly.

On getting there at almost 2pm he was drinking and asked me to join him, I don’t want him to give any kind of excuse and say if I don’t drink I should leave because I needed that money, I agreed , he went to get me a cup and poured a drink.

Long story short I was there till 8pm happy that my money go long, I started dozing off then he tapped me to tell me that he was expecting a few friends and I said no problem.

About an hour or so later, 5 guys came in all looking a bit unkept and rowdy, I was tipsy and just ignored, a few minutes passed and they started speaking Twi (Ghanaians popular native dialect)

I opened my eyes wide when I heard what meant “we would all take turns after that then we fit use am”


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